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French Escort/Pilote Vehicles

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Convoi Exceptionnel Guidance


Depending on the Category of the load being transported, one or more pilote cars may be required to accompany the vehicle in order to protect the load and warn other road users of an approaching Convoi. A valid and up to date French pilote qualification is required by all escort drivers and the ability to speak and read French fluently. It is the Hauliers responsibility to arrange the pilote drivers to accompany the load from start to finish of the route. Depending on the route, the permit may require additional escort assistance by the local police.

Whilst loads in Category 1 do not require a pilote vehicle, Category 2 vehicles require a pilote car if the load is over 3m wide and Category 3 vehicles require a pilote vehicle at the front and rear.

French Transport Categories


Length: 20 to 25 meters

Width: 3 to 4 meters

Gross Weight: 48 to 72 Tonnes

Speed Limits

Built up areas: 40km/h

National Roads: 60km/h

Autoroutes: 80km/h



Length: over 25 meters

Width: over 4 meters

Gross Weight:over 72 Tonnes

Speed Limits

Built up areas: 30km/h

National Roads: 50km/h

Autoroutes: 60km/h





Length: 15 to 20 meters

Width: 2.55 to 3 meters

Gross Weight: up to 48 Tonnes

Speed Limits

Built up areas: 50km/h

National Roads: 60km/h

Autoroutes: 80km/h


We use British Pilot Van drivers in Europe as communication can sometimes be an issue with non English speaking Pilots. The majority of our Pilots are French residents and live in close proximity to the major Ferry Ports. We also have Pilots that reside in the UK and can accompany the load from its departure to its final destination.

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